“Victory is in having done your best.  If you’ve done your best, you’ve won.”


Farming and developing world class vineyards is a shared passion at AVM.  Our success is not made by a single individual, but by a cohesive team of dedicated field workers, Managers, Viticulturists and office staff members.

We are proud of the work we do and honor our team’s dedication to excellence by rewarding their efforts.  In creating an environment that promotes a winning spirit for our team members, clients, and partners, we are all rewarded with a successful and lasting partnership.


Meet the team

Mike Cybulski

Co-Founder & President

Office: 877-232-9429
Direct: 707-402-8860
Mobile: (707) 227-7375
Email: mcybulski@atlasvm.com

Barry Belli

Co-Founder & CEO

Office: 877-232-9429
Direct: 707-402-8859
Mobile: 707-628-2915
Email: bbelli@atlasvm.com

Francisco J Araujo Ing. Agr. MSc.

Director of Quality Control and Technical Winegrowing Operations

Office: (707) 402-8867
Mobile: (707) 310-0295
Email: faraujo@atlasvm.com

Allyssa Wickstrom

Vice President & General Counsel

Office: (707) 206-6705
Fax: (707) 593-5237
Email: awickstrom@atlasvm.com

Lauren Eisold-Smith

Oregon Regional Vineyard Manager

Office: (877) 232-9429
Email: leisold@atlasvm.com

Drew Johnson

Drew Johnson

North Coast Regional Manager

Cell: (707) 337-0841
Email: djohnson@atlasvm.com

Sandy Matthews

Sandy Matthews

Central Coast Regional Manager

Office: (877) 232-9429
Mobile: (805) 458-1891
Email: smatthews@atlasvm.com

Annabel Balderas

HR and Safety Manager

Office: 707.402.8858 ext.7000
Email: abalderas@atlasvm.com

Alexandre Remy


Office: (877) 279-2655
Email: aremy@atlasvm.com